How Do You Get Scabies?

How Do You Get Scabies?

There are uncountable skin diseases that one can fall a victim too. Some are treatable, others give the infected person a tough time. Nonetheless, we are curious to know the possible reasons that cause these diseases. This article discusses the few common reasons that cause Scabies.

In other articles, we have discussed in details of what Scabies is and how does it effects the skin. It is a very dangerous skin disease caused by a tiny parasite, generally not visible throughnaked eye. Now, let’s have a closer look at how do you get Scabies?

There can be wide range of sources from where you can get Scabies. The most important point of concern is that this disease is highly contagious. Which simply means it can be transmitted from one person to another by skin contact. In most of the cases, this parasite is not transmitted from one person to another when the contact is too short. For example a hand shake will not cause this problem. But when the skin contact between the two people is long, the chances involved are more that you will be affected from this disease.

Scabies parasite needs a human or animal host to survive. Scientists think that the heat of human skin is the source of survival for this parasite. This might seem strange to some people but it is true. Also this parasite stays in body of one host for about 4-6 weeks. This is almost equal time period to that of Scabies. This means that as soon as this parasite enters the body, it immediately causes Scabies. Most of the times it doesn’t go into a sleeping period just like a few viruses.

Scabies spread usually in crowded scenarios. Children are more likely to get it in their schools or playgrounds where they may come into contact with an infected person rather frequently. Nurses or caretakers of infected people or infected children may become a victim because of the prolonged contact which is a part of caretaking.

Another source of getting Scabies is the objects which are under the use of the affected person. The parasite might be transferred through any of such products like bedding, towel, furniture etc. this doesn’t mean that if one of your friend is having this problem, you should leave him or her completely. But keeping precautionary measures in mind is always useful. It is always of help that one knows the symptoms and signs that indicate the presence of this disease in an individual.

Another common source of this disease is through sexual transmission. The Scabies parasite is not a flying bird or running horse. It takes good amount of time to shift its place that is from skin of one person to the other. So always avoid longer skin contact with the affected person. Just like most of the diseases, thankfully there are treatments to cure this skin problem.