Important Facts about Scabies

Important Facts about Scabies

Scabies is a skin infection which is caused by a tiny skin parasite. Here I have listed some of the important facts regarding this severe problem that can give you a better understanding of the disease and how it is spread. I am sure most of these facts will be new for you and they will certainly add to your knowledge.

1. Scabies is caused by a parasite which is commonly known as scabies mite. The scientific name for scabies parasite is Sarcoptes scabiei.

2. Mostly, this parasite is not visible to normal eye. Sometimes it might appear in form of white dots underneath the skin and there are various other signs that can help in identification of scabies.

3. Scabies is not confined to one geographical area. It is found all over the world. Mostly this parasite is found in dirty areas where there is serious lack of cleanliness. Countries in Africa are more exposed to this disease due to poor living standards.

4. Scabies parasite is one of those germs which can’t survive without a host. The host can be human and animal. But without any host this parasite can survive up to 36 hours. After 48 hours, if it is unable to find any host, it dies. So host is like life for this parasite.

5. The biggest source of spread of this disease is person to person direct contact. There is a high risk of getting this disease when the contact is for a prolonged period of time. Besides touching, the objects in use of the affected person can also act as potential source for Scabies. Anything that is touched by that person can have this parasite.

6. The major symptom of Scabies is severe itching. During Scabies, there is more itching at night than at day time. The movement of parasite within skin causes this itching.

7. In kids, Scabies can spread to whole body including arms, feet, face and neck region. However in adults it is confined only to a specific area like in-between fingers, elbows and wrists. In adults Scabies doesn’t affect the body area above neck region.

8. Scratching in case of Scabies can cause even more damage to the skin and other body area.

9. Scabies is not specific to age or gender. It can attack both men and women at every age. The person of any skin type can be affected from this disease.

10. Scabies is contagious but proper treatment is possible for it as it is a non viral disease.

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