Skin care tips for men over 50

Skin Care for Men Over 50

We read many articles about women skin care because they are more conscious about skin care then men. But men also faces the same skin problems as the women do. When men touch the age of 50 their skin gets wrinkles, blemishes and ugly pigmentation, sagging and roughness. They become less attractive for women. There are many skin care tips and skin care products for men that can stop aging factor and one can look 10 years younger then his original age.


Skin care tip#1 Eat balance diet;

50s is the age when men face needs proper skin care. Skin looks younger if you eat proper food on time. Try to take fibers, vitamin, protein and calcium in your diet which keeps your skin shinny and healthier. Some suggestions are; add whole grains, fruits, cauliflower, beans and legumes in your diet. Higher fiber intakes prevent the risk of constipation.


Skin care tip#2 Drink a lot of water;

Drink at least 6 to 8 glass of water which keeps your skin hydrate and wrinkle free. Circulation of water keeps the kidneys clean and eliminates waste products from body which makes the skin healthier.


Skin care tip#3 Use of suitable scrubs;

In this age use suitable herbal scrubs daily to peel off dead skin cells which keep the skin soft and look fresh. Skin care is very important in this age, try using mild shaving creams and best quality razor which keeps the skin soft and smooth.


Skin care tip#4 Proper exercise;

Do proper exercise on time which keeps your blood pressure normal and makes your skin glow. Keep your inner self satisfy and free from tensions.


Skin care tip#5 Eat good fats;

Essential fatty acids are important for body without which body can’t survive. Use walnut oil and fish oil supplements.


Skin care tip#6 Use sun blocks;

Skin cancers are very common in this age. Ultra violet rays can easily penetrate in skin which causes pigmentations and skin cancers. Use of Sun blocks can safe the skin from these kinds of disease.


Skin care tip#7 Adequate use of sugar;

High intake of sugar is one of the main causes of premature aging. Sugar entered in bloodstream which results in glycation. In glycation process, sugar molecules damages protein molecules and formed advance glycation end-product. This destroys collagen in skin, cartilage, and ligaments and elevates a loss of elasticity. Loss of elasticity cause wrinkles in skin so try to take less sugar in diet replace the use of candies or chocolates with fruits.


Daily use of moisturizers keeps the skin wrinkle free, fresh and smooth. There are lots of skin care creams available in market which helps in nourishing skin. Organic skin care ingredients or products are more useful and effective then alcoholic products.


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