What Is Bartholins Cyst?

What Is Bartholins Cyst?

Cyst can occur any where in the person body and can differ in size. Some cysts are small and some are big. The word cyst is derived from the Latin word cystis meaning bladder and pouch. Bartholins cyst is defined as a special type of cyst develops when gland gets blocked. The gland gets blocked because of many reasons like infection, irritation for the longer period of time, inflammation and poor circulation. Now the question arises that what causes bartholins cyst. This type of cyst is caused by infection in the bartholins gland and this type of cyst is considered to be very painful and negative impact on the skin care. The treatment of this type of cyst depends on many things such as size of the cyst and how painful and infected it is. Various cysts and skin care are treated with the help of many oral antibiotics.

Where does it occurs:

It occurs on the barthollins gland that is present close to the Vagina as indicated in the above image

Treatment of bartholins cyst:

If person has bartholins cyst then person should do to the doctor for deciding effective procedure or treatment for skin care. In case of effective treatment, an incision is made into the cyst in order to drain the fluid that has going to be built up inside. Moreover, it is considered to be fairly painful. This treatment is called as marsupialisation and many antibiotics are given at the time of treatment. Sometimes, many oral antibiotics are needed for the treatment of bartholins cyst and skin care especially when person catch it early. There are various effective procedures for the treatment of bartholins cyst but person should consult to the doctor because every treatment has some complications.

Prevention of bartholins cyst:

Now the question arises that how person prevent from bartholins cyst. With the help of proper consultation with the doctor and physician, person can reduce the symptoms of this type of cyst and effective for skin care treatment. The affected area should be clean and unnecessarily touching should be avoided. Moreover, there are various cleansers are available in the market for this special purpose of bartholins cyst and skin care. Moreover, squeezing and popping also lead to infection and spreading the bacteria.


Finally, for the effective treatment of bartholins cyst it is very important for person to know its causes and symptoms. This type of cyst also brings negative impact on the skin care treatment.

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