What is Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst?

What is Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst?

Calcifying odontogenic cyst is also known as gorlin cyst and this type of cyst affects the various interior areas of jaws. This type of cyst is mostly common in people during their second and third decades but this type of cyst can be seen at any age. Calcifying odontogenic cyst appears on a darker area. In various cases, an effected tooth is also involved. The diameter of this type of cyst is 2 to 4 cm.

History of calcifying odontogenic cyst:

Calcifying odontogenic cyst was first explained by Gorlin in 1962. Calcifying odontogenic cyst is considered to be an unusual and unique lesion along with special characteristics. This type of cyst shows maximum amount of histpathological diversity, clinical behaviour like cystic and malignant behaviour. There may be many variants of this type of cyst according to radiological and clinical characteristics. Moreover, this type of cyst is defined as an inflammatory odontogenic cyst that normally appears in the region of the buccal bifurcation mandibular first molars. This type of cyst mostly associated with intense and severe pain.

Special features of calcifying odontogenic cyst:

The main and special features of calcifying odontogenic cyst are as follows:

1. In this type of cyst, type 1A ghost cells are seen.

2. Type 1B formation of various calcified tissues in the lumen of cyst wall.

3. Type 1C in the particular connective tissue and lumen of the cyst.

Treatment of calcifying odontogenic cyst:

Various treatments are prescribed for calcifying odontogenic cyst and these treatments are considered depend on the clinical and radiological findings. Moreover, for the treatment of calcifying odontogenic cyst, incisional biopsy is considered and lesion is considered to be enucleated with the help of complete and effective medical examination. The treatment of this type of cyst includes the enucleanon for longer period of terms. Recurrence totally depends on the removal of the cyst. Moreover, calcifying odontogenic cyst linked with the various odontogenic tumours like adenomatoid and many more where various treatments are used on the associated tumours.


Finally, calcifying odontogenic cyst is considered to be a unique lesion that includes cystic and neoplastic potential and showing various variants of clinically histopathologically and radiographically. Calcifying odontogenic cyst is considered to be a painful and severe cyst so person should know its main causes, symptoms and effective treatment. Person should take protective measures against this type of cyst.

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