What is Chemical Burn?

Chemical Burn:

Chemical Burn occurs when skin comes into contact with strong acids or alkaloids. The damage depends on how long the skin is exposed to the chemical. The chemical will continue to “eat” its way through the skin and deeper layers until it’s gone. It is important to wash with water (Avoid any skin care product like face wash or soap) the Chemical Burn as quickly as possible and remove clothing and jewelry that may have the chemical on them.

A look at medical information on the labels of dangerous chemicals, confirms the toxicity expected. Common sense precautions and consumer education can reduce the risk of injury for the healthy skin care of the family. While many Chemical Burns occur at home, they are also common in the workplace in certain industries. A professional agent such as liquid concrete in road construction and paving industry is also the source of Chemical Burn.

First aid should be to neutralize the chemical if possible. This must be done carefully because skin is a very sensitive part and skin care should be maintained, since some reactions are neutralization exothermal or produce toxic substances, causing even more damage. Flush affected area with clean, fresh water is also an option, but must be handled with care as some substances react violently with water and can cause damage to our skin and there should be proper skin care.

Chemical Burn may have effect on eyes, legs and arms. The severity of a certain injury is difficult to identify because it may not look much dangerous at first look. Damage to Skin tissue or other tissue damage can be dependent upon the concentration and strength of the chemical, the place where contact occurred, the amount of chemical in contact, the time period of contact. The treatment involves the removal of the agent and, in most cases, making a shower of water at high density. Surgery may be necessary, especially if the burns are deep and require a skin graft.

Medical help should be provided to the patient immediately if he shows any sign of fainting, if the Chemical Burn occurred at hands, feet, buttocks, face or over joints occurred because these are very sensitive parts of body and skin care in their context is very important and if the person has pain that is un- controllable.

Eyes and skin are two very important parts of body, and if burns occur on any of these parts such as skin then there should be proper skin care even after the surgery or grafting. Try to follow all the skin care tips suggested by dermatologist. Try to have regular sessions with your surgeon and skin care expert so that there remains no compromise with the skin care.

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