What Is Dentigerous Cyst?

What Is Dentigerous Cyst?

Dentigerous cyst is also known as follicular cyst and it is defined as the cyst of an unerupted tooth. This type of cyst normally develops form the follicular epithelium if it has more capacity for growth and differentiation than normal cyst. Because of the tendency of this type of cyst, it grows rapidly and also causes pathological fractures of the jaw bones. As compared to other cysts, dentigerous cyst is the type of cyst that builds around the teeth.

Function of dentigerous cyst:

Dentigerous cyst tends to develop when teeth and different nerves attached to them die. This type of cyst also from the dead tooth root and that tooth can be a normal, fully growth or impacted tooth.

Effects of dentigerous cyst:

This type of cyst can become infected if it create intense pain and swelling in the mouth. Moreover, it also pushes up against near the teeth and also causes the teeth to become sensitive. Furthermore, this type of cyst also gets the jaw weaken. If dentigerous cyst left untreated then this type of cyst sometimes disturb the normal function of the mouth.

Identification of dentigerous cyst:

Dentigerous cyst can be identifying when dentist takes an x-ray of mouth, jaw and teeth. Person can also feel the cyst if he/she feels a small and movable lump below his/her mouth surface.

Prevention of dentigerous cyst:

The best or effective way to protect a cyst from forming by visiting a dentist at least twice in a year for regular checkups. This will allow the dentist to keep an eye on person mouth and also observe different abnormalities or changes in the mouth. Dental cysts can be prevented by filling the space around the dead nerve. This is considered to be the most effective and best preventive measure because dentigerous cyst forms near the top of the dead nerves. Furthermore, radiographic difference between a dentigerous cyst and normal cyst is totally depending on the size. Dentigerous cysts are considered to be the most common type of cysts along with the radiographic appearance.

Considerations of dentigerous cyst:

Normally, dentigerous cysts should be removed. Minor surgery is considered to be the best treatment in order to remove the cysts. This surgery includes the dental surgeon by injecting a local anesthetic to the particular cyst site and removing the cyst tissue.


Finally, we discussed preventive measures, function, effects and identification of dentigerous cyst.

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