What Is Mucoid Cyst?

What Is Mucoid Cyst?

Mucoid cyst is defined as a common lump that is found in the hand and begins various lesions. This cyst is filled with jelly like substance. This cyst can arise from different areas in the hand and wrist. This type of cyst brings negative impact on the skin care treatment.

Symptoms and signs of mucoid cyst:

The main and important symptoms of mucoid cyst are that person feels discomfort, painful and locally tender. This type of cyst is fluctuate in size and it becomes bigger and smaller. X-rays are considered to be very helpful in order to determine the symptoms and signs of mucoid cyst.

Treatment of mucoid cyst:

In various cases, mucoid cyst can get disappear and no treatment is required. In intense and severe cases, the treatment of mucoid cyst is necessary. In case of non-surgical treatment is involved for this type of cyst, it includes to insert the needle and remove the contents. This is considered to be minor treatment and it removes the lump. It is very important to prevent from this type of cyst because it will also very harmful for the skin care treatment and person suffer from various skin care problems

Surgical treatment of mucoid cyst:

Surgery is considered to be the most reliable treatment for the mucoid cyst. This treatment is performed on an outpatient basis and the cyst on the finger is removed by using the local anaesthesia. Cysts on the wrist and hand removed by using general and regional anaesthesia. There are various complications that arise from the surgical treatment such as:

  1. Wound infection.
  2. Visible scar.
  3. Stiffness of the fingers.
  4. Recurrence of the cyst.

Many people do not experience any problems or complications after the treatment of surgery and the cyst is permanently removed. One of the major and biggest problems is that the mucoid cyst can return if surgeon done badly. Moreover, person also experience some discomfort from the treatment for 4-6 weeks and also for the longer period of time. It is expected that the full recovery of patient can be achieved within the few months after the surgery treatment. Furthermore, person can return to the normal activities within the period of 3-4 weeks of the surgery treatment.


Finally, mucoid cyst is considered to be the intense and severe type of cyst and it brings negative impact on the skin care.

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