What Is Trichilemmal Cyst?

What Is Trichilemmal Cyst?

Trichilemmal cyst is also known as wen or catagen cyst and it is considered to be a common and popular fluid-filled cyst that forms from the hair follicle. This type of cyst appears on the hair, nails and skin. This type of cyst runs in families. Moreover, it can become cancerous. Moreover, this type of cyst is derived from the outer root sheath of the deeper various parts of the hair follicle. It includes the epidermal wall that surrounding the semi-solid hair keratin. Furthermore, this type of cyst is very common in females during the middle age. Many patients suffer various lesions. The most common and popular sites for trichilemmal cysts are different hair-bearing areas like the scalp. Many patients complain of discharge and local inflammation.

Causes of trichilemmal cyst:
Trichilemmal cyst is caused by the outer root sheath of the hair follicle. This type of cyst arises in various areas of high hair follicle concentrations and 90% of this type of cyst occurs on the scalp.

Symptoms of trichilemmal cyst:
This type of cyst is small in size and can be more than one. Generally this type of cyst presents no symptoms. Cysts do not pose various health risks so they do not require any treatment. In rare cases, treatment is very necessary and important and various treatments known as cryotherapy and electrocautery are used. It is very important for person to prevent from this type of cyst because it will also very harmful for the skin care treatment and person suffer from various skin care problems.

Treatment of trichilemmal cyst:
Surgical excision is very important and essential for the treatment of trichilemmal cyst. The procedure of treatment varies on the training of the physician. Many physicians perform the treatment under the local anesthetic. Some physicians prefer the conservative approach for the trichilemmal cyst but it has few complications. It includes the use of small biopsy about the size of

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